Entertain Kids While Babysitting

Your parents have decided that they need a night out for themselves. So they have asked you, the big brother or sister, to watch your little sibling. This may be the first time that you will be left alone with the young child and you may feel a bit nervous.


Don’t be. While baby sitting is a huge responsibility, you should have nothing to fear. Watching a younger sibling can be a fun experience. You just need to have some patience when dealing with the child.


There are a lot of things you can do to keep the child busy and out of trouble. Even if you are not keen on the idea of having to stay home with your little brother or sister, keep in mind that this is a good opportunity to bond with him/her. Plus, you will be able to have the carefree fun that you once had as a child. Following are some ideas to keep you and your younger sibling busy until it is time to put him/her to bed. More info braids curls


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When you select activities for you and your younger sibling to play, keep in mind that the games need to be age appropriate. If your little brother or sister is two or three years old, give them toys that will encourage them to think, such as construction toys and building blocks. Children of this age also like to role play.


Create a scenario for them to follow, such as a doctor’s appointment or a classroom where they are either the teacher or student. Outdoor activities are the best way to keep the child active and tire them out for bedtime. Play catch with a Frisbee, kick around a ball or play tag. You can play a favorite child game called hide-and-seek either indoors or outside.


If playing outside, remember to play within the confines of your home’s perimeter. If the weather is nice and it is still light outside, take your younger sibling to the park or playground. Children love to hear stories and when they are toddlers, they are able to communicate and understand what is being told to them. Talk to them about your life, about school and your friends.


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