Export Sales Negotiation and Secured Payment Training in Dubai

STC FZE Training is designed for participants to understand and practice export and Import sales negotiation and payment, using three key elements, export contract clause to choose the terms of the sale, selecting the secured payment method for international trade, and logistics for exporting goods. Training highlights on Sales agreement, Letter of Credit mechanism of payment in international trade, the benefits of using Letter of Credit under UCP 600 and Income Terms 2010/2020 for transportation.


Who should attend?


Exporters, Sales Managers/ Coordinators, Supply Chain and Logistics Managers/Coordinators, Trade Managers, Bankers, Accountants, Finance professionals, Customer Service personals, and interested participants.


Course outcome:


  • Understand export trade sales negotiation and agreement
  • Payment negotiation for sales arrangement
  • Understand methods of payment in international trade
  • Learn Letter of credit for exporters
  • Banking terms for LC Payment
  • Understand UCP 600 for exporters
  • Understand LC documents and Insurance
  • Understand logistics terms in Incoterms 2010/2020
  • Understand to prepare Export sales contract


Course Outline:


1.0 Export Sales Contract


  • Preparing an international trade contract
  • Sales contract clause
  • Sales Negotiation and Payment Terms
  • Critical role of INCOTERMS
  • Transport insurance
  • Export sales contract template
  • Contract agreement


Videos on Export Sales contract



Group discussion on Export Sales Contract Clause negotiations

Sample Sales agreement


2.0 International /Export Trade payment Methods


  • Sales contract appropriate payment
  • Cash in Advance
  • Open Account
  • Documentary Collection (Sight)
  • Documentary Collection (Time)
  • Letters of Credit (Sight)
  • Letters of Credit (Time)


Videos on payment methods


Workshop: Pier discussion to negotiate your sales payment terms


3.0 Letter Of Credit: Practices for Exporters and Importer


  • Parties Commonly Involved In Letters Of Credit
  • How Letters of Credit Works
  • Understand Export / Import LC Process
  • Irrevocable non-confirmed LC
  • Confirmed LC
  • Letter Of Credit Payment Procedure
  • Documentary Collection (Sight & Time draft)
  • Documents Required Under Letter Of Credit
  • MT 700 Issue of a Documentary Credit in Trade Finance
  • LC payment Negotiation
  • Discounting LC
  • Export Transport Documents


Videos on LC Explanations



Letter of Credit instruction format for review

Letter of Credit Checklist/guideline

Bill of exchange /Draft sample

Commercial Invoice Checklist

Bill of lading checklist

LC Case studies


4.0 Special Types of Letters of Credit


  • Back-Back LC
  • Standby LC
  • Revolving LC
  • Red Clause LC
  • Transferable LC
  • Review On L/C
  • Most Common Reasons Why Letters Of Credit Fail
  • LC Discrepancies
  • eUCP Electronic letter of credit


Videos on special LC


5.0 UCP 600 Articles


  • Articles 1 – 5 – General Provisions and Definitions
  • Articles 6 – 13 – Liabilities and Responsibilities
  • Articles 14 – 17 – Examination of Documents
  • Articles 18 – 28 – Documents
  • Articles 29 – 33 – Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Articles 34 – 37 – Disclaimers
  • Articles 38 – 39 – Transferable Credit & Assignment


Videos on UCP 600 Key Articles Explanations


Workshop: UCP 600 Key Articles Case studies


6.0 Inco Terms 2010 & 2020


  • Logistics and Incoterms 2010
  • Responsibilities of Seller and Buyer
  • Key changes in Incoterms 2020
  • Videos on Incoterms
  • Workshop: Incoterms Case studies


7.0 Participants Workshop: Export Sales Agreement and Payment


  • Prepare Exporter LC Terms
  • Understand Key Banking Mechanism
  • Preparing the Key LC Elements
  • Understand the Key LC Dates
  • Understand the Key Logistics Terms for exporter and importer responsibilities
  • Understand the Key LC Documents for payment in export trade
  • Understand the Key UCP 600 Articles For Exporters
  • Export Credit Insurance


Learning more Export Secured Payment Training, visit the website- http://www.stceducation.org/courses-dubai/export-sales-negotiation-and-secured-payment-training