How to Choose the Most Suitable Features for Your Mobile Application

For the first version of your mobile application, you want to build a simple and intuitive user experience. Any feature that interferes with the intuition of experience is not worth having.


Your application needs to serve a purpose that is not wrong but must also be used. Features affect the usability and usability of your application. If you include too many features at first, users might be confused about the core purpose of the application and how it fits into their lives. If you are not critical about how certain features will affect user flow, you can end up with a horrible irregular user experience to use.


Understand the purpose of the product


When you are in the early stages of planning an application project, it is useful to use a Product Specification Document (PRD) to master and simplify your ideas. A PRD is designed to guide you through the process of fully defining the purpose of the mobile application project. In the introduction to the document, you are asked to describe what you want the application to do, define goals, and define what you consider a success. Realizing a PRD is the first step in choosing the best features for your application.


What do you want the app to do?


Regarding a viable minimum product (MVP), you must focus on solving a single problem faced by your users. Solving a single problem will help establish a focused product vision for the mobile application. This approach also allows you to define specific success criteria, as well as clear goals to determine the features that the product needs to succeed.


To fix objectives


The next step in choosing the product features is to set goals to achieve the end goal that you set in the vision statement. Goals are specific, measurable and achievable goals you want to achieve with your mobile product.


In the example of making appointments, the main goal is to allow patients to manage their appointments without having to call the office. For the mobile product, here are some examples of goals:


Create an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile presence for all patients.

Become a trusted appointment management option for patients by providing a secure and controlled mobile booking environment.

Become a reliable source of information about the details of appointments through accurate and consistent communication.

Now you have to translate your goals into themes. Themes are the criteria for success that you want to achieve your goals. By writing themes, the features required by your product will become clear as you chart each step you plan to take to achieve your goals.


Choosing the Best Features for Your App


Initially, it's easy to assume that an Appointment App requires login functionality, a calendar feature, and a messaging system, but when you walk through the sections of a PRD, you begin to go that choosing these features is an intensive process. Once you've defined the vision, goals, and themes for your product, you'll better understand how to prioritize features in a product roadmap: the present, the next, and the next in your MVP.


The features for this example are likely to include:


· Sign-up and login


· On boarding


· Navigation/patient dashboard


· Calendar with available appointment slots


· Mailbox


· Appointment approval workflow


· Tokenization structure for data security


· Device hardware access


· Email integration


· Push notifications


The PRD process helps you identify the features you need immediately to make your application usable and useful. Keeping the best specialties for your mobile application is a preparation method that needs you to fully define the product's vision, goals, and success criteria for the product. The best features of your mobile app will come naturally as you define exactly how to achieve your business and business goals.


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