How to clean Apple Watch bands if they are dirty?

After Apple launched the Apple Watch, it was loved by many people. But if you wear your Apple Watch for a long time, you'll notice that many stains are already covered with Apple Watch bands. Generally, after the Apple Watch bands are discharged from the Apple Watch, wipe them with an anti-wear lint cloth covered with clean water and then dry them with a dry cloth. The Simai Apple Watch bands manufacturer will also specify how to clean Apple Watch bands in the following special circumstances.


Clean Apple Watch bands


In addition, users of apple Watch bands should pay special attention to that the leather is not waterproof, so do not place the leather bands in water or in the environment of direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity.


Remember not to use soap and other detergents


In Apple's official cleaning guide, the body, crown and strap of the Apple Watch are all mentioned that soap and other detergents should not be used, so you should be careful and clean them with water as much as possible.


For leather watchbands:


1. Use a clean Apple Watch wipe to wipe Apple Watch bands. If necessary, you can gently wet the cloth in clean water;


2. The apple Watch bands made of leather are not waterproof, so wet apple Watch bands may cause discoloration, skin irritation or other injuries;


3. Let the Apple Watch bands dry naturally. Direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity will cause damage to the watchband;


For all other Apple Watch bands, buckles, and closed parts:


1. Wipe the strap with a cloth. If necessary, you can gently wet the cloth in clean water;


2. Dry the watch with a cloth.

How to replace Apple Watch bands?


The method to replace apple Watch bands is simple. Just press the release button on the Apple Watch, slide out of the old band and insert the new Apple Watch bands. Of course, please do not forcibly insert apple Watch bands into the bands, as this may cause damage to the Apple Watch bands.


So how do You wear the Apple Watch? Apple's official instruction also says that the current watch strap has a sports band and stainless steel band, the way to wear may be a little different. The way to wear the sport strap is to buckle the part of the strap on the other part of the strap with the hole, and then insert the big hole of the strap.


Of course, in the practical process, we may encounter some trouble, but it is difficult to stabilize the body. When we wear the sport strap, buckle before need to use the middle finger to support the big hole of the strap, and then use the index finger and thumb to pull out the other part, let the buckle fit the size of your wrist connected to the buckle, and then put the rest of the strap into the big hole fixed.


For the stainless steel Apple Watch bands, it's even simpler. We just need to put the end of the band through the three-point connector on the other side of the watch body, twist it back, pull the band into place with the wrist, and then hold it with the magnet end.


The size of Apple Watch bands


The Apple Watch 1, 2 and 3 have only 38mm and 42mm to choose from. The original size of the 4th and 5th generation watches is cancelled, and two sizes of 40mm and 44mm are available for purchase. In theory, the Apple Watch has four strap sizes that fit a 38mm,40mm,42mm, and 44mm watch. There are only two types of apple watch strap available for sale: a 38mm/40mm one and a 42mm/44mm one.


The material of Apple Watch bands


1. Stainless steel: the stainless steel material with the material number of 304 and 316L (which is the same as the apple watch bandcase) has better material and superior performance. It's recommended to buy the material of 316L with a high price. Apple's original Link bracelet is more expensive than aluminum apple watch due to its complex manufacturing process, and it costs $349 (silver) and $449 (space black), about 2,450 to 3,150 RMB!! The third party stainless steel watchband style, material number is different, the style and the market watch is similar, the price difference is big.


2. Silica gel: The material of Apple Watch bands, which is widely used by the third-party wristband, has good performance, waterproof, odorless, multiple colors and styles, and is suitable for daily and sports use, with a relatively low price.


3. Fluorinated rubber: the material of Apple Watch Sports bands has superior performance and relatively high price compared with silica gel, and the third-party watch bands are rarely used.


4. Leather: The original Apple Watch strap and Hermes strap are heavily used. Third-party strap also USES a lot of leather, there are leather and imitation leather two kinds. Genuine leather has cowhide, also have crocodile skin, ostrich skin, pearl fish skin, python skin, lizard skin and other precious materials, the price is also quite high.


5. Nylon: Nylon fabric watchband is widely used by Apple and the third party. It is light and thin, with many colors and styles, suitable for daily and sports use and low price.


6. Resin: Apple Watch bands developed by the third-party seller have the texture of imitation jade and are comfortable to wear with a high price.


7. Ceramic: High-tech ceramic material, similar to Apple Edition material, with good texture, but not fall resistant and high price.


8. Titanium alloy: perfect watchband material, excellent performance, light, durable, difficult to process, high price.


9. Natural materials such as wood: very eye-catching, difficult to process, small output, mostly customized processing, suitable for a small number of enthusiasts.


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