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Four services wanted to DIY complete renovation for your bathroom.  We have a complete idea of where to start bathroom renovations. Bathroom renovation can get really challenging, you have to understand accordingly what you are about to do. Getting started with the bathroom renovation here are a few steps to get started with your renovation project.

Create a color scheme: 

The number of colors you will be using for your renovation make up the color scheme of your new bathroom look. Four services will choose the colors that can either be contrasting or matching or preferred to create a color scheme. We will decide the color scheme according to your choice that looks good with your bathroom during a renovation.

Select the fixtures:

All the installations in the bathroom, including shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink are called fixtures. Four services have a look at the already installed ones and the decision on the ones you want to replace. If you plan to reuse some major fixtures, you can even be considered planning your new renovation model around them.

Decide the location of the fixtures and other utilities:

Four services having a clear idea about the convenient changes in any major fixtures and keep properly fixed locations of wiring of electrical and plumbing pipes. We will be focused not to fix any wrong measurable which cause serious damage for you. Four services will finalize a number of things before getting started with the renovation to make the process go smoothly.

Work sequence and schedule:

We will decide which area you need to start remodeling from, we will make a schedule working through the entire bathroom, we will be focused on the section that you wanted to look the best and prioritize accordingly during bathroom renovations.


Duration for bathroom renovations:

Four services will provide the schedule to set a specific realistic amount of time duration that you need to finish the job. We will help you to keep you on track and manage the process better through our duration schedule with a specific time and process which will be required during bathroom renovations with the best of your choice.


Four services will be focused to set a budget because it is one of the most important things to do. We will be focused on fixes the budget for the bathroom renovation will help you to keep track of your expenses. we will shortlist and choose the products to be installed. While setting up the budget, you can even go through your bathroom renovation and consider reinstalling and reusing a few items and fit them in your new model.

Four services' professional staff also provide a complete renovating solution for your home including, kitchen renovation. So, if you are going to recreate your residential or commercial all you have to do is to search for home renovation near me and you’ll find a renovation company near your place. Even if you want to transform your outdoor space with timber decking, while being in Sydney, please stay in touch with us.

Get in touch with us to get your remodeling done by the best bathroom renovations in Sydney.