The Best CBD Oils – A Buyer's Guide

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is derived from the cannabis plant. It has a long list of suggested benefits including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sleep-supportive, and muscle-relaxant effects.


This supplement is popular among people suffering from conditions including arthritis, epilepsy, cancer, insomnia, and chronic stress.


There are hundreds of CBD brands on the market today, but very few of them are actually worth the money.


A lot of CBD brands are selling misleading CBD oils that contain little to none of the active ingredients, or have been made from cheap or contaminated hemp plants.


In order to help you avoid wasting your money on poor-quality CBD oils, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best CBD oil options on the market. We’ll cover the details of each brand, and explain why we’ve included them on our list.


The Best CBD Oil Brands To Choose From


1. Royal Blend CBD Oil- Editor’s Choice


Royal CBD makes four CBD oils ranging from 250 mg per bottle, all the way up to 2500 mg per bottle. For people with minor CBD requirements (5 mg or less per dose) the 250 mg or 500 mg bottles should suffice.


For stronger doses, (10 – 30 mg per dose) the 1000 mg bottle is the best option. This is by far the company's best seller because it offers a good balance between the dose and cost. Bottles larger than 1000 mg can feel expensive even though they may offer better value overall.


The company’s strongest option, 2500 mg, is the best value overall and delivers incredibly potent oils to those with substantial CBD demands. This is the best oil for people suffering from chronic pain, debilitating anxiety, or other severe symptoms.


All four Royal CBD oils come in a few different flavors to help mask the hempy taste of this premium oil. You can get these oils in flavors such as peppermint, berry, or vanilla. If you’re like us and enjoy the natural flavor of high-quality hemp, you can also get all four oils in its raw, unflavored form.


Just search Royal CBD and you’ll find pages of results featuring positive reviews about this brand. Weed News, Daily CBD, WeBeHigh, HMHB, Teen Wire, CFAH, and even Observer call Royal CBD oil’s the best in the business – and we think you’ll agree. Their line of CBD products also include gummies, capsules, and a CBD cream for topical application.


We love Royal CBD for its strong integrity for making top-quality oils and their competitive pricing. There are a lot of CBD brands that charge the same or more for its oil, yet the quality, consistency, and corporate transparency of the company is inferior to what Royal CBD has to offer.


All potencies of Royal CBD oil are well worth the money — but for the best value aim for the 1000 mg or 2500 mg bottles.



2. Gold Bee CBD Oil - Runner Up


Gold Bee makes three different CBD oils. It comes as a 300 mg oil, 600 mg oil, or 1200 mg oil.


While this brand doesn’t make an ultra-high potency oil like Royal CBD, the 1200 mg bottle is enough for the majority of CBD users. Anybody that needs very high doses can either take a larger dose of the oil, or switch to a brand like Royal CBD with a dedicated ultra-high-potency CBD option.


Like Royal CBD, Gold Bee makes a truly top-notch CBD oil without overcharging for it. With this small American business, you’re getting what’s essentially a luxury CBD oil for industry standard pricing.


This company has been featured as one of the best CBD oils for the money by publications in the teen news, healthcare, childcare, and cannabis news niches — which is a good demonstration of how well-received this oil is from different groups of people. We Be High dubbed the brand a “unicorn” in the CBD space for offering oils with such a high caliber at low-level pricing.


Gold Bee offers its oil in two flavors — the raw, unflavored option for those that don’t mind the naturally aromatic and “hoppy” taste of CBD oils, and a honey flavor that does a great job at masking the hemp flavor.


While we like both options, we highly recommend you try the honey flavor. Gold Bee is known for the organic honey used to flavor this oil. It’s a flavor we haven't seen elsewhere that makes this CBD oil very enjoyable to use.



3. Nuleaf Naturals


Nuleaf Naturals has been making CBD oil long before the supplement started trending.


Despite how old Nuleaf Naturals is, the company only makes one CBD oil which they fill into different sized bottles. There are no differences in the potency or the flavor of these oils.


We like that Nuleaf Naturals offers a wide range of bottle sizes because it allows them to offer their oil at many different price points. While the largest bottle definitely comes with the best value overall, the smaller bottles are much more affordable for people just starting out with CBD and want to give it a try. However, the larger bottles come at much better value overall.


Nuleaf Naturals is well-known for its quality full-spectrum extract which is very smooth tasting on its own. This is a good thing because there are no additional flavor options to choose from for this oil — just pure, unflavored, full-spectrum hemp oil.


Summing it Up: What’s the Best CBD Oil?


CBD oil is a very popular supplement for its ability to support symptoms like anxiety, chronic stress, pain, inflammation, mood irregularities, and much more.


The problem with buying CBD oil is that there are a lot more companies selling really poor-quality oils than there are companies selling top-notch CBD oils.


In order to prevent you from wasting your money on ineffective products, we’ve compiled a shortlist above with the three best CBD oils in the industry. All three brands offer a variety of choices when making the order depending on your budget or individual dosage needs, and the first two even offer a few different flavors to choose from to make the CBD oil more enjoyable.


All three brands come at an exceptionally high value compared to the rest of the CBD industry — but to get the maximum value for your money, it’s best to go for the higher potency or larger bottle sizes.

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