What is the difference between a metal watch strap and a rubber watch strap?

Watch straps are made of precious metal watch straps, steel chain watch straps, leather watch straps, canvas or nylon watch straps, plastic watch straps, and silicone rubber watch straps. Today, Simai watch straps manufacturers will show you all about metal watch straps. The difference between strap and rubber watch strap.


The difference between metal strap and rubber watch strap


Watch metal strap:

The metal strap is tough and durable.


The tough temperament of the watch's metal strap is suitable for tall and strong figures, as well as for a strong inner personality. And its unique metallic luster is a dazzling decoration, which is cleverly borrowed by fashionable men and women.


Whether you use a tough stainless steel strap or a noble gold strap, it is a good helper with you through the summer. You can sweat as much as you want without worrying about damaging the strap.

But if you are allergic, the metallic nickel contained in the stainless steel watchband is slightly eluted by your sweat, which may cause local skin irritation on your wrist. Then you can only choose a strap made entirely of 18K gold. This kind of watch is matched with top brands. The price of watch straps is also very expensive. It is a good choice to reflect your identity and will never make you allergic.


Rubber watch strap:


Rubber watch straps are fashionable upstarts, stylish, dynamic and practical.

High-end watches with rubber watch straps are most in line with the image of a powerful and creative urban hipster. When rubber was first used in high-end watches 20 years ago, no one was optimistic about its vitality, because it gave people a cheap feeling. Nowadays, this material has become synonymous with "fashion". It is very suitable for sports watches. It has excellent characteristics of sweat and moisture resistance, and it is comfortable to wear and has no allergic reaction to the skin. It is a very practical material. Not only does Ruwatch use avant-garde rubber watch straps, but many fashion tycoons such as Chanel, Dior, LV, Simai, etc. have also played with rubber watch straps.


Can I wear a watch to go to the sauna?

Many men have the habit of going to the sauna. At this time, they wear a watch on their hands, not knowing whether they should take them off.


No matter how many meters the waterproof depth is above, the watch cannot be used in the sauna. Maybe there will be no problem in appearance within the time, but the movement has been infringed.


Because the outer parts of the watch are made of materials with different expansion coefficients, if the temperature of the folding watch is greater than or equal to 50 degrees, there will be a pressure difference in the watch. Under the action of air pressure, the air in the watch will run out. When the temperature difference is restored, the outside air ran back into the watch. The temperature in the steam bath is much higher than the standard, and the air in the watch will run out when the humidity is higher than the standard air. In some cases, moisture may not appear in the watch immediately, but when the temperature is suddenly lower than Standard air will condense on the glass, forming water droplets or mist, and the heat of the steam will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring, which cannot protect the movement normally.


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